Streamlining Your Construction Project With Design Build Practices

16 February 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

For years the most common way to build a commercial building was to have a design firm work on the concept and the design of the project, complete the drawings and then hand off the project to a contractor that would build the structure. This is changing, though, and there are some significant advantages to working with a firm that can handle the entire project for you, from start to finish.

Design-Build Construction

The system of design-build construction simplifies the entire process of your commercial project. The company that you choose works with you from your concept and designs the building the way you want it and with the features you need. Once the design is complete, in-house architects take the design and create blueprints from it that are then handed off to the building side of the company.

The process used in design-build construction allows the entire project to be handled by a single entity and means you only need to deal with one contract, one company, and one project manager throughout the entire process. In each phase, your project manager is the point of contact and will help keep your project on track and moving forward. 

The delays often found in traditional projects related to communication between the designers, the architect, and the builder are eliminated because all of these people work under the same umbrella and can connect or communicate easier.

Eliminating Bidding

Construction projects have traditionally been offered to contractors that bid the best price for the job. The process of putting the project up for bid, meeting with contractors to go over the project, and waiting for bids to come in often cause construction delays and, in many cases, result in longer construction times for the entire project. 

Awarding the contract to a construction company based on the bid often meant working with a company that you are not familiar with, and the lowest bidder was not always the best company for the job. The design-build-construct method allows you to work with one company of your choosing. 

Because there is no bidding process, once the design is complete, construction can begin without delays that could cause cost overruns and other problems with the project. 

Design Changes

Once your project's construction begins, the builder on the project will have access to the designer when they need them. If there is a problem with the design that will affect the building construction, the builder and the designer can make necessary changes to correct the issue. Since the builder is often involved in the design process, problems are usually found before the first footings are poured and fixed so quickly that you may not even know it happened.