Three Ways To Know That You Need Sewer Line Repair

14 July 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Many American houses and homes flush away their waste into a sewer line that connects to the municipal sewage treatment center. Most people don't have to think about it, as they are typically well-built and if they do need maintenance, it's usually a simple clogged toilet. However, there are sometimes more major issues that you may not know how to identify.

Water Going Down One Pipe And Up Another

Usually, household pipe clogs are a simple matter of one pipe refusing to allow water to run through the pipe without extra effort. These simple clogs can usually be fixed at home, although you can call a plumber as well. However, if you are finding that one pipe allows water through only to send that same water out another household pipe, then you have a more major sewer line issue. This means that a pipe that allows your wastewater to drain into the "lateral line," which connects the home sewer system to the city's sewer system. This requires calling a plumber.

Sewer Gas Odor

The home sewer system also includes ventilation pipes that go up to the roof to divert sewer gasses away from household drains. If you are experiencing sewer gas odor in your house or home, then the ability of your sewer line to ventilate is being diminished somehow. This can mean that a seal typically found inside floor drains has simply deteriorated and needs to be replaced, or it can be a sign of more major issues such as a broken pipe. Either way, you will need to find the source and either fix it yourself or call a professional.

Cracks In The Foundation

This warning sign is one of the more obvious ones, as it is usually readily apparent that there are cracks in the foundation. If you are finding that there are cracks on the outside or inside of your house or home at the base, then one of the causes could be a broken sewer pipe that had been leaking gas and water for some time. This long-term leakage leads to a build-up that eventually outweighs however many inches of concrete or other material made up the base of your house.

There are many signs of a broken or otherwise damaged sewer line beyond these ones, but they are some of the easiest to identify. If you are finding that water drains out one pipe and into another one, that sewer gas is leaking into your home, or that there are cracks in your household foundation, you most likely have a sewer line to repair. If so, call a sewer line repair service as soon as possible.