Why You Want To See More Trees

14 November 2019
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Children are taught at a very early age that trees make oxygen, but beyond this most people don't give much thought to the many other great things trees do for them, as well as for the environment. Learning about the numerous benefits trees offer is a great way to garner more appreciation for them and to understand why keeping trees healthy is so important. Reading this article will help you have more of an understanding of these things.

Cooling things down – Not only will yards that have a good number of trees be cooler than yards with only a few trees, if any, but entire neighborhoods that have tree-lined streets will be cooler. In fact, cities that make use of a lot of trees throughout the city will enjoy cooler temperatures than neighboring cities that don't make the same great use of trees.

Warming things up – Just as how trees cool things down in the summertime, they also warm things up in the wintertime. They do this by offering insulation that keeps the sun's heat closer to ground level once the air starts to cool down.

Increase property values – Curb appeal is important when one is selling their home, as good curb appeal presents the home to a buyer in a welcoming manner from first sight. A bare yard won't be nearly as impressive as a yard lined with beautiful shade and/or fruit trees. Giving off the right impression can get sellers a bigger offer.

Improve mental health – Being around trees can help people to be in better moods. It can also give people other mental health benefits, such as having an improved memory and more focus.

Increase consumer purchasing – When shoppers get tired of walking, they will go to their cars and drive home when they aren't offered another obvious choice. However, when presented with a comfortable seating area with shade trees, they will often sit down to rest and then get up and continue on to other stores in a shopping center.

How to keep trees healthy

Now that it's clearer why trees are so important, you'll realize why it's also important to keep trees healthy. One enemy that trees have that you want to protect them from is the emerald ash borer. This is a pest that threatens trees by eating the inner bark to the point of destroying the tree's ability to absorb nutrients and water. This will eventually lead to the death of the tree. For this reason, trees with the emerald ash borer need to be treated as soon as a problem is suspected.

For more information contact a tree service that can answer your tree-related questions and help you with emerald ash borer treatment.