What Are Modular Homes, And Why Might You Want To Buy One?

28 August 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you are looking to build your own home in the coming years or months, one option you might come across is modular homes. Some people shrug off these homes without even considering them as a possibility, figuring that they are more or less the same as manufactured or mobile homes. But that is not the case! Modular homes are different, and they actually have a lot of advantages for people who want a newly built home. Here's a closer look.

What are modular homes?

Modular homes are factory-made, but they are not just shipped out in one big chunk like a manufactured home. Rather, they are made in pieces. As such, the workers at the factory can pay more attention to the quality of each piece, ensuring that it meets standards and is of a high-quality. You also have more control over the options in a modular home than in a traditional manufactured home. You can typically choose all of the finishes, from the flooring to the counters. 

What are the advantages of a modular home?

So, why might you want a modular home rather than one that is custom-built by a building company? Here are a few advantages of going with a modular home:

Lower Cost

When you work with a custom builder who has to create everything from scratch, you pay a pretty penny for a newly built home! Modular homes are much less expensive since the company can at least make some pieces en mass. You won't have quite as many customization options, but your cost will be much lower.

Faster Turnaround

It will typically take the factor a two or three weeks to make the home once you order it. Then, the builders can assemble it on-site in another month, at most. This is much less time than it would take to have a custom home manufactured on-site. If you are on a short timeline for building, a modular home is your best bet.

Great Layout

Manufacturers put a lot of time into designing the layouts for their modular homes. The layouts need to suit customers' tastes so that they sell. When designing a custom home, you may make some mistakes when coming up with your individualized layout -- but the layouts used for modular homes are tried and tested.

To learn more about modular homes and their advantages, talk to a company that makes and sells these homes.