Remodeling Your Only Bathroom: Avoiding Mistakes And Problems

11 March 2019
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When your family home only has one bathroom, a remodeling project has a few extra challenges. You need to ensure that vital bathroom activities can still be accomplished without rushing yourself or doing the project improperly. How can you remodel your only bathroom without causing trouble for every member of the family?

Measure First

Sometimes mistakes are made because those attempting a remodel waited to measure the space, the fixtures, and other elements before starting the work. Because you're working on the only bathroom in the house, you don't have time for mistakes in measurements that can make the room more cramped. Know how much space you've got and measure everything before attempting to move it into the bathroom. A new vanity or cabinet may be beautiful, but they overwhelm the space. If you have those measurements, you'll know now what can and cannot fit and can choose more appropriate items.

Locate and Lubricate Valves

If your remodeling hopes include replacing the toilet, shower, or sink, you'll need to ensure water valves are off so that water doesn't flood the room. However, many property owners don't know where the valves are or where the main water supply valve is located. If they do, the valves could be very hard to turn because of mineral buildup. 

Toilet and sink valves are easy to locate; simply look under both appliances and follow the tubing. Shower valves may be inside the wall; study a few home improvement books to learn how to reach them. For the main supply valve, look near your water heater, boiler, or furnace. If you try the valves and they won't budge, spray some lubricant to see if they loosen. You may need a plumber or a remodeling professional to loosen the valves in a way that won't create more piping problems.

Work with Professional Remodelers

Even if you enjoy home projects, your family needs the only bathroom on the property to function as it always has. Professional contractors understand that and might very well complete the entire bathroom remodeling project quicker than you can alone. Because you don't have to rely solely on your own efforts, you may prefer working with professionals to get the right supplies and materials so you can focus more on design and overall look. 

Bathroom remodeling should feel like an exciting job, not a tough task to slog through. Let professional remodeling contractors help you plan and execute your projects so that your only bathroom can look better than it has in years.