A Dock Adds More Fun To Your Lakefront Home

26 June 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If your home is on a lake or large pond, you'll get more enjoyment out of the water view if you have a dock installed. A stationary dock can be used as a boat dock, swimming platform, or just a place to relax in the sun and admire the view. Here's a look at the process of having a dock built:

Determine The Perfect Size

You don't want a dock that's too small. Think about how you'll use it so you have one built that's large enough for your needs. If the dock will be crowded with kids jumping in the water or if you want to fish from it and have a fish station, you'll want a larger dock than if you just want a place to dock a small boat. You should also check if any local codes or regulations apply when it comes to size; if your home is in an HOA community, there may be size restrictions on docks.

Decide On Color And Features

A dock is likely to be in the sun all day and get hot. You may want to go with light color for the boards so the dock stays as cool as possible. You should also consider if you want rails. Rails are a safety feature that keep people from falling off the dock into shallow water where they could be hurt. If you have small kids, you may want rails with sides that keep kids from falling through the rail posts. Docks can have many added features such as ladders and slides for swimming, a water supply for fish cleaning, a lift for a boat, and even a partial roof for shade. You might even want a dock with an upper level if you need more space for entertaining.

Install The Dock

Once you've settled on the design with the dock builder, construction begins. One important part of building a stationary dock is to determine the high water line of the lake. A floating dock rides on top of the water as the lake rises and falls, but a stationary dock is sunk into the ground and doesn't move. The floor of the dock is built high enough to be above the high water line but low enough to allow easy access to the water and your boat.

Construction begins by digging holes and sinking footer forms that will hold the beams for the dock. These are driven deep into the ground until they get past the soft surface soil of the lake and reach harder soil. Once the footers are in place, the construction of the dock continues much like building a patio deck in your yard. When the work is done, you'll have an enjoyable space for weekend fun that you can use for entertaining guests, watching boats on the water, and letting your kids jump into the lake for water fun.

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