Tips For Designing Ergonomic Industrial Workbenches

16 July 2017
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If you are a plant manager who has decided to replace your warehouse's old industrial workbenches, then it is important you design the new ones with employee comfort and ergonomics in mind. Ergonomic workbenches are those designed to improve employee task performance while minimizing injuries and fatigue.

Ergonomically designed workspaces fit your employee's body size and range of motion to maximize their comfort throughout the workday. As an employer, you benefit from installing ergonomic workbenches by:

  • increased employee morale
  • increased employee productivity
  • decreased industrial injuries
  • decreased complaints from uncomfortable employees

To ensure your warehouse's new workbenches are ergonomically designed, follow these tips:

Tip: Consult with Your Employees About Their Daily Workflow

One of the biggest mistakes plant managers often make when ordering new workbenches is not consulting with their employees. Since your employees live at their workbenches while at work, it is vital the workstations provide the correct comfort and space necessary to complete their work. Your staff will be a lot happier and more comfortable if you consult with them about their needs. Rather than ordering workbenches you think will meet their needs, instead, bring your staff into the shopping process.

Tip: Avoid Designing Industrial Workbenches that are Too High or Too Low

When your plant's employees are sitting or standing at their workbenches, the bench tops should have a height approximately equal to wrist-height. Standing at a bench that is too high or too low all day long will lead to back pain and repetitive stress injuries for your staff. Ideally, since people come in a wide variety of different heights, your new workbenches should be height-adjustable. Height-adjustable workbenches allow each of your employees to adjust them to a comfortable height at the beginning of each shift.

Tip: Provide Plenty of Leg Room Under the New Workbenches

Especially if your employees typically sit at their workbenches, the benches need to provide plenty of leg room underneath them. There is nothing more uncomfortable than continually banging your knees on an undersized workstation. Additionally, a lack of leg room will make your employees sit at weird angles and this is not ergonomically correct.

Tip: Avoid Workbenches that are Too Deep

Finally, since it is hard for your employees to reach across a deep workbench, this design of workspace typically leads to a lot of wasted space. If your thought is that your staff will place their computer monitors at the back of the workbench, this can be problematic and make the screens hard to read.

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