3 Holiday Drain Cloggers You Have To Watch During Your At-Home Gatherings

8 November 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

The stockings are hung by the chimney with care, the tree is on full display, and the feast is in the works. This can only mean one thing--all those holiday guests will be arriving at any minute, and it will be time for a party. Your holiday plans for a family gathering at home may sound merry and bright, but if there is one thing that can put a frosty damper on the cheerful occasion, it is plumbing problems. To make sure your dinner plans do not end up requiring the emergency plumber from a company like Royal-T-Rooter Service to become the guest of honor, make sure you avoid these drainage problems that can come along with a holiday party at home. 

Clogged Toilets - If you want to see the cheerful ambience of a festive occasion at home killed, que the overflowing toilet in the bathroom and watch your guests quickly dissipate. Unfortunately, all those extra guests in the house will mean a ton of bathroom visits and an overload on your septic drainage system. There's no need to force your guests to hold it in; just make sure you have some clearly outlined rules about using the facilities in your home. For example, you could post a friendly reminder in the bathroom to throw heavy paper products in the trash only. 

Clogged Kitchen Drains - The drippings from the holiday ham, the butter left on plates after being slathered on dinner rolls, the sticky sweet syrup on the jam cake--none of this is going to go over well in your kitchen drains. So take care to scrape all the leftovers off of the plates before you rinse them in the sink and use a drain strainer to catch all those itty bitty food bits that could land somewhere deep down and cause big trouble. 

Clogged Garbage Disposal - If you have a garbage disposal in the kitchen, it will probably get used a lot after dinner is served and bellies are stuffed. Even though your garbage disposal can handle most day-to-day scraps left on plates on a usual day, after a holiday dinner, it is best not to push your luck by stuffing down tons of food scraps as you clean up. Go ahead and dump all those scraps into a trash bag instead. If your garbage disposal gets clogged because one too many things went in, it will definitely hinder your cleanup efforts for the night.