Having A New Inground Pool Installed In Your Yard? 2 Things You Should Consider First

25 August 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you have decided to install an inground pool in your yard, there is more than simply hiring a company to install it. There are many things you have to take into consideration before they start digging. Below are two of these things so you will end up with the pool that you want.


There are many different types of tiles you can choose from for your pool including:

  • Porcelain: You commonly see this type of tile in many swimming pools, as they are soft and easy to clean, and if cleaned regularly, they will retain their look. One con of porcelain tiles is they may break if there is any brunt force.
  • Glass: Glass tiles are durable and work great if you and your family spend a lot of time in your pool. You can find these tiles in a variety of designs and colors. The only con for this is the tiles are very tedious to install.
  • Mosaic: If you want a pool that is colorful, then mosaic tile is a good choice. Each tile uses a combination of different sizes, designs, and colors. You can put the tiles at the bottom and sides of your pool. However, you do have to drain your pool every couple of years and give it a good cleaning as chemicals, algae, and mold can build up on the tiles.
  • Brick: If you want your pool to have a regal look, then you should choose brick tiles. You can choose red, but there are also other colors available. But, you do have to make sure these tiles are sealed well because brick is porous. You will have to drain the pool every couple of years to reapply the sealant.


When you think of a pool you may think of the standard oval or round shape but you can get them in a variety of shapes. What you choose depends on what you plan to use the pool for. For example, if you have a future gold medal swimmer, get a rectangular pool as it is much better for swimming laps.

A free form pool can be a variety of curvilinear shapes, such as kidney shaped, and is generally designed to blend in with the landscaping.

The figure 8 shaped pool works great for families that have small children. This is because each end is shallower and the middle is deeper.

Talk with a pool contractor, like one from Heritage Pool Plastering, Inc., about these options, as well as others, when you are purchasing your pool.