FAQ About A Problematic Freezer

25 August 2016
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Are you disappointed because the used freezer that you recently purchased seems to already be going out? Before assuming that you have wasted money on the purchase, it might be worth getting the freezer repaired. Sometimes something as minor as a dirty part can cause a freezer to become problematic. This article will answer a few of the questions that should be asked when a freezer begins to malfunction.

Is the Thermostat in Top Shape?

You might be dealing with a freezer that has functional parts, but the thermostat is not in good shape. A bad thermostat can make it seem as though a good freezer should be thrown out. It is possible that the thermostat is not set at a satisfactory temperature if the freezer is unable to keep your food cold. If the temperature is set to the highest level and the freezer is still not cold, you might need to get the thermostat rewired. However, the thermostat might be worn out altogether and simply need to be replaced being that your freezer is used.

Has the Air Compressor Been Sporadically Turning Off?

If your freezer has been going for long periods without any noise, it points to a problematic air compressor. You must keep in mind that the air compressor plays a vital role in keeping the interior of your freezer cold. For instance, the compressor is able to remove heat out of the freezer so it can cool down to the fullest extent. It is possible that the start relay is going out and is no longer able to keep the compressor running as often as it should. A malfunctioning air compressor might also have a worn-out motor or need to be cleaned due to dirt accumulation.  

Does the Power Cord Look Damaged?

A problematic freezer might be the result of it having a damaged power cord that needs to be promptly replaced to prevent a fire hazard. If there are not enough volts of electricity flowing through the cord, your freezer can stop getting as cold as it should. Basically, vital parts end up malfunctioning because there isn't enough power to keep them running. Examine the power cord for frayed wires and melting, as the damage might be the result a short. Speak to an appliance technician about the problems your freezer has so he or she can determine if a repair can be made or not.

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