3 Common Plumbing Issues Commercial Property Owners Have to Overcome

25 August 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Even with a full property inspection and a seller's disclosure statement, there is no way to tell what unknown plumbing issues your newly purchased commercial property could have. More importantly, it's impossible to tell just how well the plumbing system in your commercial property will work until you put it to the test. Look for these three commonly occurring commercial plumbing issues before you invest in any other big changes.

Look Out for Old, Discolored Pipes

In commercial properties, you can usually find exposed pipes somewhere on the premises. Most industrial plumbing specialists can tell which materials were used in your pipes and let you know if the pipes need to be replaced soon. Years ago, many of the materials used to make plumbing fittings and piping, such as galvanized steel, were intended to last a limited amount of time. Pipe deterioration could also be causing issues with leaks as well as compromising your building's water quality.

Constant Leaks and Drainage Issues

Leaks within any plumbing system usually point to large-scale problems. Leaky pipes can also cause drainage issues within your plumbing system, even if the problems are occurring on opposite sides of your property. It is best to know which parts of your commercial property's plumbing system are leaking prior to contacting an industrial plumbing service so that you are able to receive a full assessment faster.

Low Water Pressure

Whether you will be having a team of employees making use of multi-person bathrooms or intend on using your commercial property to warehouse freight or produce manufactured goods, having a fully functional plumbing system is universally important. If you notice low water pressure, especially during heavy times of use, it may not be because you are overwhelming your commercial property's plumbing system.

If your commercial property has a plumbing system that is inadequate for your needs, it might need to be overhauled and fitted with modern plumbing materials. Larger pipes, a bigger main water tank, and automatic shut-off valves can help properties being used for commercial purposes to experience fewer clogs and better water-pressure levels.

Although obvious plumbing issues can be easily spotted by an inspector, some deeper issues just won't be apparent at the time that you buy a commercial property. Find out if there are any plumbing problems before they slowly appear, one by one. Having an industrial plumber such as Cool Air Mechanical, Inc. on contract to inspect your pipes and test your water system will let you know if a system overhaul will be necessary.