What You Can Do To Protect Your Home When Construction Blasting Is Happening Nearby

16 August 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Cities and towns, and even rural roads, are always evolving, being updated, patched, and replaced. Sometimes this requires a construction company to blast through rock or implode an existing structure, and the explosives used can cause issues for nearby residents. The construction and blasting companies take a lot of steps to protect you and your home, but you can still help by taking a few precautions of your own.

Secure Loose Items

Blasting, even far away, can cause ground vibrations that make your house shake. Secure all loose items -- knickknacks on shelves, china in cabinets, pictures on walls, and so on. Set them down on the ground if need be. The shaking shouldn't be that bad -- blasting companies monitor the amount of shaking caused by each blast -- but if you've got something really precious or something that's perched rather precariously on a high shelf, it's best to take it down for the duration of the construction.

Plan Your Day

Many times blasting is done in areas where the roads nearby will have to be blocked off to prevent people from driving into the blast zone. If you know you'll have to drive near the area, plan your day carefully and choose a route that takes you away from the zone, even if that route is longer than you'd normally take. Traffic can build up near the blast zone as people try to find detours that don't take them too far off their chosen path.

Move Vehicles Into Garages and Avoid Windows

The blasting company is going to do what it can to prevent bits of debris (called flyrock) from the explosions and implosions from reaching outside the construction zone (such as through the use of blasting mats), but some precautions on your part certainly can't hurt. When blasting is scheduled for a site that's near your home, Move your vehicle into your garage if you have one, or move it to a side street further away. If you're home at the time of the blasting, stay away from windows.

If you're really concerned -- maybe the blasting is being done very close to your home, for example -- contact the construction or blasting company. They'll have a contact person for residents who want to know more about what will be happening near their homes. They are used to people being worried, so they should have additional handy tips to help you out.