Ready To Sell Your Newly Interior Renovated Home? Why The Exterior Matters

5 July 2016
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Have you done a lot of work to the inside of your home, but now that you're ready to list it you think the outside may be scaring people away? Your house has to look good on the outside if you want people to get inside to see all of the nice renovations on the inside, and if you want them to have a good first impression.

When they look at the outside of the property, the condition will be how they judge you have cared for the home. Have the following completed before people start arriving for showings and before pictures are posted.

Asphalt Sealing

A cracked, discolored, faded, damaged asphalt driveway with potholes is going to turn people off, and as soon as they look at the asphalt they'll assume the house or at least the driveway needs work. If this hasn't been done recently, you want to have the driveway seal coated to hide all the blemishes and to improve the look before you list the house. You should be able to get this done for around $100.00 if you have a 1,000 square foot driveway, and many companies offer discounts if they are already doing work in your neighborhood. Contact an asphalt contractor, such as Star Paving, for more information. 

New Doors and Shutters

A new modern style door and shutters to match can be attention grabbing when people drive by the property, and it can improve the look of the house instantly. Find something that blends with the style of your home, and make sure you get modern fixtures on the doors. If your house is a very neutral and boring color, you may want a door and shutters that are bold.

Lawn Treatments

Having a green and healthy looking lawn is going to make the house and property look well kept, it's going to help people imagine living in the house, and it's going to compliment the exterior of the property even if the style of the home is older. Get treatments to remove weeds and to make the greenery look lush.

A person can look at your house and decide if they love it or dislike it quickly just by the condition and the style of the exterior, so make sure you're giving the right impression when people look at your home. Make these changes to get the sale completed quickly, and to get people interested to take the time to walk through your home.