When To Remove A Landscape Tree: Key Tips

28 May 2016
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If you have a number of large trees on your property, then at some point you might have to make a decision concerning when to have a tree removed. This is not always an easy choice to make because many property owners do not know how to determine if a tree needs to be felled. This article offers some key tips for any homeowner dealing with this issue. 

Dead Tree 

If a tree has died, then it's usually best to have it felled as soon as possible. For one thing, a dead tree is going to detract from the appearance of your landscape. In addition to aesthetic reasons, a dead tree is more likely to attract undesirable pests, such as termites and rats. They have a higher risk of falling over or having their branches drop as well. 


If a tree is diseased but has not yet died, it's hard for the average homeowner to determine if the tree can be saved without the help of an expert, such as an arborist or landscape contractor. This decision depends on several factors, such as what type of disease the tree has contracted and whether the disease is in an advanced stage. Another factor to consider is whether the tree is likely to pass along the disease to nearby healthy trees. When dealing with a diseased live tree, have the tree looked at by a professional to see if the tree is salvageable.


A tree that has a pronounced lean might need to be removed. The age of the tree is important in making this decision. If the tree is young, then you might be able to fix the lean by applying stakes to the tree. For trees older than five years, then removal could be necessary. Another crucial consideration is whether the tree is leaning toward any critical targets, such as power lines or your home. If the tree could fall and land on a nearby structure or object, then it should be cut down. 


When trees are too close together, they compete for resources, which can reduce the health of all the trees involved. In this case, it's sometimes a good idea to remove a tree or perhaps multiple trees, to ensure the health of those that remain. 

Follow these tips to decide if one of your landscape trees should be removed. For more information on this topic, contact a landscape contractor in your like Mead Tree & Turf Care Inc.