Waterproofing Your Home? 3 Signs Your Gutters May Need Some Attention

7 August 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

You've been waterproofing your home. You've got gutters installed, so you should be good. Right? Not necessarily. Depending on the condition of your gutters, you may need new ones if you want to be protected from water damage. Here are three signs that you might need new gutters.

Rust Deposits

Take a look inside your gutters. Do you see rust? Rust build-up may be a sign that water is remaining in the gutter too long. When your gutters are working properly, water should flow through quickly. That allows the gutters to dry between rain storms.

When gutters aren't installed properly, or have worn out, the water may drain too slowly, causing rust buildup. You may also notice orange flecks in the water that flows from the down spouts. The orange flecks are small pieces of rust that have washed out of the gutters.

Puddles of Water near the Foundation

Rain gutters should capture the water that flows from your roof and drain it away from your home. If you're seeing puddles of water around the foundation, you may have a problem with your gutters.  Take a look inside your gutters. Look for debris that may be interfering with the flow of water.

If you don't see debris, there may be a clog in the downspout. Place a garden hose in the down spout and turn the water on. If there's a clog, the water will clean it out and alleviate the problem. If you don't find a clog, there may be a problem with the way your gutters were installed – such as downspouts located too far away or not enough slope in the gutter system, which prevents water from draining.

Water Marks around the Gutters

Take a look behind the gutters. Do you see water spots or mold? If you do, it may mean that water is leaking from the gutters. You may have small holes or cracks in the gutter that will need to be repaired. Dry the wall where the water spots are located. Place a garden hose in the gutter and turn the water on. Watch the wall as the water flows through. This should show you where the leaks are located.

Now that you're waterproofing your home, don't forget to inspect your rain gutters. Damaged or improperly installed gutters can lead to water damage. If you find problems with your existing gutters, be sure to have a contractor, like A - 1 Seamless Gutters Inc, come out and repair or replace them.