Seamless Aluminum Vs. Traditional Sectional Gutters

7 July 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Your gutter system is the first line of defense against water damage to your foundation, so its functionality and efficiency is vital. Traditional steel gutters come in a jigsaw format, with different sections held together with sealant and fasteners. The many joints lead to numerous problems such as leaks and debris buildup, which is why many homeowners now prefer to go for modern seamless aluminum gutters.

This article will look at why a seamless gutter system would be a good replacement for your good old sectional gutters, especially with summer storms approaching.

Less maintenance

Sectional gutters are held together by fasteners and sealants that are prone to wear and tear from sunlight and water erosion. With different gutter sections also comes the problem of debris such as dirt and twigs getting stuck along the piping, which causes clogging, growth of mold and weeds.

These problems make maintaining a sectional gutter very difficult, and leaks or clogs are common especially during the rainy season. With rusting and wear frequent, you will also have to repaint your sectional gutters often, increasing maintenance costs.

Seamless gutters are firmly fixed because they are made of a single piece of aluminum, with joints only present in areas where the gutters stretch around corners. This seamless structure allows for between flow of rainwater, with no joints and fasteners present to trap debris and cause clogging.

The fact that seamless gutters are made of aluminum rather than steel, as is the case with traditional gutters, means that the gutters are not prone to rust damage, and can thus serve you for much longer. The finish on aluminum seamless gutters is usually baked enamel, which is resistant to water damage or fading from sunlight exposure. Thus, with a modern aluminum gutter system, you will never have to repaint to keep the gutters looking new and vibrant.

No leaks

The streamlined construction on modern gutters allows water to flow well through the system and drain far away from your foundation, providing superior seasonal damage. With no fasteners and joints on the system, there are virtually no leaks and fewer chances of plants taking hold along the walls or roof of your house and causing structural damage.

Sectional gutters may be cheaper and easier to install, but require a lot more maintenance as they are prone to leaks, clogging and corrosion. With seamless aluminum system, you may never have to repaint or refinish your gutters, and won't have to deal with frequent clogging or seasonal damage to your foundation and paving. This makes seamless gutters worth the cost of installation and a lot more preferable to traditional sectional ones. For more information, contact D & M Exteriors or a similar company.