3 Tips To Prevent Soil On The Sides Of Your Driveway From Damaging The Concrete

24 June 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

In order to maximize your concrete driveway's service life, you need as much gravel around it as possible. This is to prevent nearby soil from injecting excess moisture into the concrete. To help you with minimizing the amount of soil that's right next to the two sides of your concrete driveway, follow these three tips.

Move Or Remove Plants Near Your Driveway That Need A Lot Of Soil

You can't have a healthy tree or large shrub if the only thing in the ground below it is gravel. Especially if you have to actively water large plants that are close to your driveway, the concrete on the driveway's sides will suffer greatly.

The solution is to either accept that you can't have any large plants in your front yard or move the plants you do have to plots that are well away from the driveway. To accomplish this task with shrubs, you'll need both a small metal shovel and a lot of willingness to engage in manual work. You'll need to consult a specialized contractor to help you with moving trees.

Set Up A Small Plastic Barrier On The Borders Of The Driveway

While it won't keep all the water out, a small plastic barrier that juts out of the ground is a great way to insulate the space where the gravel around your driveway meets the soil. Just make sure that you remove all the soil you can that's inside the plastic layer.

Consider Laying Fake Grass Around Your Driveway

Fake grass is ideal for many lawns because it's both better looking and easier to maintain. Additionally, if you have a concrete driveway you need to protect, fake grass is useful because it doesn't require any soil at all.

This doesn't mean you should put fake grass around your driveway in every situation. If your lawn already looks good, it doesn't make much sense to alter what works. But if your lawn looks unremarkable and you don't care about displaying artificial plants, fake grass is a viable option that you should consider.

It's worth doing everything you can to protect a concrete driveway because there isn't much you can do to repair or replace it without spending a substantial amount of money. While this is still true when your concrete driveway is relatively new, it's especially important to remember if the driveway is approaching the end of its service life. Should you need repairs or more information about concrete, check out companies like Kwiatkowski Construction Co Inc