Elegance, Longevity, And Weight: Three Reasons To Use Copper Roofing

15 May 2015
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The components of a home should have both a functional and an aesthetic value. Nowhere is this more true than with your roof. Clearly, your roof needs to keep the elements at bay, but because a roof is such a large part of the exterior of your home, your roof can dominate your home's aesthetics.

When you use copper on your home, you will get improved performance as well as improved aesthetics:

Elegant Good Looks

Your copper roof will start its life with the color or a bright new penny. While the shiny metal will help your roof to stand out among a sea of asphalt-shingle roofs, it will not last. Over time your roof will develop a patina that will give it a color similar to the Statue of Liberty. Through every stage of this process, your roof will have an elegance that you simply cannot find with any other roofing material. 


When you use a metal roof, the primary destructive force working against your roof is corrosion. Exposure to water will cause a metal roof to slowly disintegrate. The patina on a copper roof is a result of this corrosive process, but it also offers your roof protection. Once your roof reaches a dull green color, the metal salts that coat your roof will be impervious to rainwater.

This means that the underlying copper will remain intact. For this reason, a copper can last virtually forever. A further advantage of copper is that it is impervious to fire, so if you live in a fire prone area, a copper roof makes a better choice than asphalt or wood, which are both highly flammable. 


Copper is a very light roofing material, so if you live in an area that is prone to snow, copper makes a good choice. If you use a material like slate, the weight of your roof alone can stress your roof, and once you add in the weight of snow, you have a real problem. Copper is lightweight, and its low-friction surface should help snow to slide off of your roof. 

If you want to protect your home for years and years to come, your choice of roof should be based on more than just installation costs. Copper comes with a high price tag, but it will lend value to your home even as it protects against the worst of mother nature's fury. Need more help? If you find you have other questions and concerns, contact professional roofers for more information and help.