3 Things You Should Teach Your Children About Bed Bugs

29 April 2015
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As an adult who keeps tabs on the news and current threats in society, there is no doubt that you have armed yourself with a little knowledge about bed bugs and how they could make their way into your home. However, children are much less preoccupied with pests because they do not understand how much of a hassle they can be. If you are a parent, there are some things you should teach your children about bed bugs because there are so many ways they can bring them home without knowing it.  Here are three things your youngster should know.

Bed Bugs Can Be Found Everywhere

Bed bugs are no longer just a hotel issue. They are in homes across the country and are an issue in every state. However, even worse, they can be found in public places as well. These pests can be found in schools, movie theaters, fitting rooms, and even hiding out at the hospital. Because bed bugs can travel so elusively, they get packed into all kinds of public places and it is imperative that your children know this. Make sure they know not to leave their personal belongings vulnerable on floors or even draped across seats.

Bed Bugs Can Be Different Sizes and Colors

You may have shown your child what a bed bug looks like, but have you shown them what they look like at different points of their life cycle? The fact is, these bugs can look like a completely different insect at various stages. For example, juvenile bugs can be only a little over a millimeter long and may be white, or somewhat opaque in color when they haven't eaten. The more educated your child is about what bed bugs can look like, the less likely it will be that they are not aware of what they have experienced.

Bed Bugs Can Bite Without You Knowing It

You may tuck your child in and tell them not to let the bed bugs bite as a fun expression, but in all actuality, if they were bitten, they likely would not know it until morning. Bed bugs have saliva that contains both an anticoagulant and a pain killer to make biting as painless and undetected as possible. This is why it is so important for your child to be more familiar with the signs of an infestation and what the bugs look like.

By teaching your children about how easy it is to bring bed bugs home, you will be less likely to see them brought into your home accidentally. These pests can come from friend's homes, public places, and various other locations where your child spends time. If you've found an infestation in your home, contact a company like Desert Pest Control for professional assistance in eradicating it.