Sifting Through Dirt: Preparing For A Wonderful Summer Garden

19 March 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Whether you live in a nice city residential area or a bustling city townhome with a small backyard, you can begin your own garden. A summer garden does not have to be lofty in expectations. A summer garden can be a small plot that produces beautiful flowers and great fruits and vegetables to enjoy during the warm season. To set up your wonderful summer garden, you must first prepare the ground, then find the right materials to make the garden worthwhile.

Remove all concrete and rocks

Rock removal is likely the largest issue with beginning your own summer garden. Most household soil will find rocks and hard concrete within its layers. Getting the rocks removed is paramount to being able to plant living plants in the ground. A professional company should come to sift out rocks (such as DyTech) and remove them from your backyard. Only after this task is complete can you make sure that the topsoil is appropriate for planting.

Select easy-to-maintain plants and vegetables

One of the best ways to maintain a garden is to select plants that are easy to maintain. Fruits that grow on bushes or small trees may be more easily cared for, rather than those that must be planted in wide rows. Consider flowers such as dahlias that can take the heat and only need slight shade to grow.

Dwarf fruit trees are also one of the best investments for your yard. Dwarf trees and bushes can grow berries and citrus fruits, which are excellent additions to summer drinks and dishes. Remember to purchase proper fertilizer and proper extermination materials to keep critters from enjoying your summer fruits, too.

Water along with the grass

The best thing about a small city garden is that the watering is easy. When you water your grass, you can water your garden as well. For small trees and less sparse gardens, installing an oscillating sprinkler works well. Oscillating sprinklers can be found at an inexpensive price and attached to a short garden hose in the backyard. Oscillating sprinklers can reach several yards in distance, allowing you to water your summer grass and your new plant life without any extra effort.

Honing a small garden in the city can be as easy as it is enjoyable. Create your very own summer fruits and summer floral arrangements with the help of skilled construction and rock removal. Your beautiful summer garden will increase the enjoyable nature of your beautiful home oasis.