6 Ideas For Your Shower And Bath

26 February 2015
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Your shower has the potential for affecting your morning routine, while a tub can transform your bathroom into a retreat. The space is called a bathroom for a reason – because one of its prime functions is providing for your cleansing routine. Create a bathing area that complements your bathroom habits.

Soaking Tub

A soaking tub is a spa-like upgrade. Standalone bathtubs can be installed in any location of the bathroom, such as in front of a window or tucked into a serene corner. Slipper style tubs are a classic because the shape provides natural support when you're reclining. However, a Japanese-style copper tub with a floor-mounted filler is a stunning addition to any bathroom.

Steam Room

If channeling a spa resort is your goal, consider transforming your shower stall into a steam room. For the most part, all it takes for this transformation to happen is extra waterproofing and the installation of a steam generator. Better Homes and Gardens suggests having glass panels installed so they extend from floor to ceiling. This seals in the steam created by the generator, allowing you to relax in spa style. A sealed shower door is also necessary, of course.

Multiple Showerheads

Another method for creating a spa resort in your bathroom is having more than one shower head installed. One option is selecting a spa shower panel with pre-determined shower heads and sprays. However, with the right plumbing, contractors can install numerous showerheads of your choosing. Popular options include a rain shower head, which drops a gentle waterfall over your body, and horizontal sprays mounted to provide a soothing massage.

Mosaic Tile

One of your bathroom's most attractive features is the tile work. The shower stall or backsplash to a bathtub is an area for you to get creative. Mosaic tile work produces layers of texture and pattern that either drive or complement your overall bathroom décor. For a shimmery effect, select glass tiles in aqua shades punctuated with white.

Frameless Shower Doors

To create an elegant transition between your bathroom and shower space, look to a glass shower enclosure. Furthermore, consider having the door kept frameless. Frameless shower doors create a feeling of cohesion in your bathroom design by practically disappearing. Seamless glass also lets your tile work take center stage.


Who says you can't have it all? Even if space is limited, incorporate both a soaking tub and a glass shower enclosure into your space. A custom tub-shower combination allows you to upgrade according to size, material and other amenities. The tub can be covered in a tiled deck, and seamless glass can still enclose the space.  

As you plan a remodel or even the bathroom for your new home, give extra attention to your cleansing space. Contact a glass company like AA Glass Service for the glasswork.