What You Should Never Put Down The Drain

12 February 2015
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To avoid multiple plumbing problems, it is important to take good care of your sink drain. When you start putting stuff down your drains, you increase the risk of blockage or damage to the pipes. There are some things you should avoid putting down the sink drain at all costs and some of them include: 

Kitchen Items

Coffee grounds, tea leaves, lard, shortening, sauces, baking goods, dairy products and food scraps should not be put down the sink. Save them for the trash can or compost bin as they can block the S bend, or even get into the sewer and cause huge problems at the treatment plants. Other items that should not go down the drain include fats, oil, oven cleaners, insect sprays, floor care products and furniture polish as these can lead to blockages that lead to more plumbing problems.

Grease is particularly dangerous as it can stick to the insides of the sewer pipe on your property and the main sewer lines. Keep in mind that your home garbage disposals are not able to keep the grease out of the plumbing system. Commercial additives including things such as detergents can normally claim to dissolve the grease only pass it down to cause problems in other areas.

Bathroom Items

You may think most of the issues with drains occur in the kitchen, but there are also quite a few bathroom items to be aware of. Be very careful what you are putting down the pipes and drains in your bathroom, including the sinks, shower drain, and toilet. Bathroom items like paper towels, condoms, cigarette butts, feminine hygiene products, and makeup remover pads should never go down any drains. Toilet paper should only go into the toilet, and never down the sink or shower drains.


The garage is filled with loads of dangerous stuff such as brake fluid, antifreeze for the vehicle's radiator, petrol, acid for the battery, sump oil and many other things. These things are not only dangerous to you but they can also harm the environment as well. For this reason they should never be poured down the sink. Instead of disposing them, they can be saved for collection. Despite the fact that there is no problem with water based paints and glue going down the drain, the oil based products should not make their way down the sink as most of them are harmful. 

By using common sense and throwing this collection of items in the trash can instead of down your drains, you will avoid a lot of blockage issues, not to mention other sink repairs. For more information, contact Rapid Rooter Of Central Oregon.