5 Cool Shower Accessories That Are Totally Worth Your Money

27 January 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Rub-a-dub-dub, you could sit in a tub, but why do that when showers can be so much more fun-- especially if you add a few of the coolest shower and plumbing accessories and gadgets to the mix? You may step in for the purpose of getting clean, but the right changes to your shower can make showers less of a mundane necessity and more of an interesting event. Here are five things you could add to your shower that are definitely worth the money.

LED Color Changing Shower Head

No plumber required for this one. If you can change a shower head, you can add a burst of color to your daily shower routine. These shower heads use the pressure of the water to activate lights that seem to turn your water colors. No batteries, no electricity, and a whole lot of fun is what you get. Some boast the ability to switch from a pulsating rainbow of colors to simple red and blue with cold and hot water.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

You may not like the idea of packing your phone or iPod in a steamy bathroom, but with the waterproof Bluetooth speaker, you can leave your phone in the other room. Create a playlist of your fave sing-a-long shower tunes and stream them wirelessly to your speaker. So you can get jiggy with Will Smith, get down with Chris Brown, or let your heart go on with Celine Dion without worrying about damaging your expensive electronics. Get this -- some even offer a built-in mic and recording button so you can capture and then playback your own voice on your chosen device when you get out, if you're brave.

Microphone Shaped Shower Sponge

Speaking of jamming out to your fave tunes in the shower, why not make the shower stage even more realistic and grab a microphone shaped sponge while you are into it. After all, everyone knows you can belt lyrics just like Bruno Mars, but only in the shower... or at least you think so.

Soap Dispenser Caddy

Okay. So maybe this one is not all that technical, or even a new idea. But, a dispenser caddy that gives you soap, shampoo, conditioner, or even shaving cream at the touch of a button is just plain cool. Plus, you can eliminate clutter of shampoo bottles that get in the way of your stage performance.

Shower Steamer

 This gadget is technical, but worth every penny, as it is sheer shower awesomeness. Good plumbers can install a steam system in your shower that can be activated with the flip of a switch. You can take your regular shower from a cleaning spot, to an all out steam room in a matter of seconds.

Showers may be a part of life (or at least they should be), but there is no reason for getting clean to get boring. Be sure you check out some of the cool accessories you can add to your shower and you will never look at this space in your house the same.