Epoxy Floor Coating: The Surprising Advantages

20 January 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Your flooring contractor might recommend an epoxy floor coating if you have experienced issues with excess moisture or water leaks in your garage. This type of floor coating is an excellent solution for those problems, but it also has some other impressive advantages. Learn more about those benefits below.

Repair Ability

An epoxy coating can be used to repair defects in the concrete slab of a garage. Cracks as big as half an inch wide can be concealed and patched using an epoxy floor coating that is combined with sand.

Attractive Appearance

An epoxy floor coating can make your garage floor just as attractive as the flooring in the rest of your home. This type of floor coating is available in many colors and textures. You can select a tile look, a granite look, or a multi–color look. You can add extra enhancements in the form of quartz flecks or contrasting paint chips.

Long Lasting Nature

The average epoxy coating lasts anywhere from 5 to 10 years in a garage. This makes it a remarkably long-lasting sealant, especially when you consider the tremendous amount of traffic that most garage floors get. If you don't use your garage much, or if you use it only for storage, you may be able to get an even longer lifespan out of your epoxy floor coating.

Easy to Clean

This type of floor sealant is virtually self-cleaning because the epoxy is formulated to repel water and other liquids. This means that when you accidentally spill a bottle of water in the garage, it won't spread all over the place. Instead, the liquid will bead up and can be wiped up easily. Dry mopping with a dust mop is often enough to keep the epoxy floor coating looking great. You can use an epoxy floor cleaner (It should be nonalkaline and nonacidic) mixed with hot water to easily remove stains.

Chemical Resistance

Your garage may be home to a variety of chemicals. Your car holds liquids like motor oil and antifreeze, and you may store other chemical-containing liquids in the garage as well. Leaking fluids often leave unattractive splotches on un-coated garage floors, and in fact vehicle fluids are toxic enough to penetrate less-tough garage coatings. Epoxy won't allow those chemicals through though. The vehicle fluid will often be nearly as easy to wipe up as that spilled bottle of water mentioned above.

Considering an epoxy coating for your garage, but still unsure? You can find out more, and get any lingering questions answered, by calling a local floor coating contractor. You can be enjoying the many benefits of epoxy flooring in the very near future if you do so!