Learn How To Clean Grease Out Of Clogged Pipes

6 January 2015
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Pouring grease down your kitchen drain can lead to build up of gunk in the drain and limit the amount of water that can flow through it. If your drain has become clogged and no water will go down it, you need to clean it out right away. Use the following guide to learn the right way to clean out the pipes under your kitchen sink to keep the water flowing as efficiently as possible.

Clean Out Under the Sink

The first thing you need to do is remove everything from under your sink. This will give you easy access to the pipes so that you are able to easily take them apart.

Take Apart the Pipes

At the very bottom of the pipes, there will be a curved pipe that creates a "U" shape. This is the portion of the pipe that needs to be removed. Using a pair of pliers, loosen the nuts that are used to hold the "U" shaped pipe to the other two sections of piping. You will need to turn the bolts to the left to loosen them.

Remove the Pipe

Place a bowl under the piping to catch any water that may be in the piping. Once the nuts are loosened, you should be able to gently rock the pipe back and forth until it becomes loose. You then want to carefully pull the pipe down and away from the other piping.

Clean the Pipe

If you look in the pipe and see a lot of grease and gunk in the pipe, you first need to use a spoon to scoop out as much of the gunk as you possibly can. Submerge the pipe in a sink filled with hot water and dish detergent. Scrub the inside of the pipe to remove any leftover gunk from the pipe. Dry the pipe and continue with the process.

Reattach the Pipe

Hold the ends of the pipe back against the piping that it was originally attached to before you started the cleaning process. Pull the nuts back over the edges of the pipe and tighten them by turning the bolts to the right. You should now be able to turn on the water and have it drain down the pipes quickly and easily.  

If you are not able to get the clog fixed on your own, hire a plumber to come take care of the job for you. A plumber from a company like Biard & Crockett Plumbing will have the skills and knowledge needed to get the job done quickly and easily. There are some clogs that are easy to clear on your own and some that require expert assistance.